The Advantage of VPLS over MPLS System

In the current climate of advancement and rapid change when it comes to information technology and internet connectivity within business establishments with distributed branches in the world, companies that are to respond quickly to the market adjustments and shifts will be for the one who can maintain a competitive advantage. A Virtual Private LAN Services or simply VPLS solution can provide the companies to the achievement of this goal. These VPLS configuration systems use MAC addresses using the Layer 2 switching as contrary to Layer 3 MPLS solutions that use Layer 3 routing and IP addresses.


The advantage of this is that with the VPLS system, you are actually in control of your IP routing. Your IT department can be agiler when it comes to responding to assorted and ever changing levels of customer demands. It allows you to do rapid reconfigurations by yourself because it is user-friendly and you will no longer need to contact your service provider to act upon any changes. Even if there is a need for your service provider to come over, the time needed to make network changes to Layer 2 VPLS is only a fraction of that needed by Layer 3 MPLS IPVPN networks since the network planning process is very simple; this would be very crucial for some business types. Another feature that aide to the flexibility is the ease of appending new sites. With the VPLS-enabled network, a new site can immediately be added by simply replacing the network router that connects the site to the VPLS Network. With Layer 3 solutions, it is a much more complex process since all of the SP's routers must be changed that would typically take 10 times as long as the Layer 2 networks.


There is improved efficiency with VPLS networks. Companies that have this will be smoother when it comes to running their system. They would be able to provide a better level of service for all clientele. This is due to the fact that with VPLS network, each company has access to their own network information so errors in a VPLS network can immediately be isolated and be detected faster and the IT department can easily troubleshoot it to fix an urgent crisis instead of having to go through a number of engineers to get the necessary information. There is less network downtime that is achieved; meaning higher corporate productivity and efficiency. There is another aspect of VPLS solutions that offer level 5 quality of service and this allows you to declare your priority levels via traffic labeling using the QoS software feature at the core network. This is the way VPLS maximizes the network efficiency usage according to the needs of your business so you can be rest-assured that the critical missions like ERP, CRM and SCM are provided ample bandwidth, together with the key services like video conferencing and telephony, even during the hours of peak usage and without overburdening the network capacity.


To know more about the MPLS and VPLS network, you can visit the Network Union website.